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I also play a part as a creative producer in the second installment of the series and really got to be hands on and learned so much about a different side of the business, which I’ve grown to respect and love on a whole new way even returning to a series solely on the acting and creative side of it.

It’s interesting to have a new perspective of thinking about things with a business sense.

I’m just so grateful to be able to learn from people that I hold highly in regards to this business.

CANDICE: Actually, in the second season, the app that Lucy had developed has evolved. So now instead of receiving texts, Future Chloe is actually face-timing Present Chloe. Definitely reading it on the paper it was tricky, but with some wigging and makeup and the different tonality of the two characters — there’s a difference in who you are at 26 versus who you are going to be at 36, and just making sure that those are two different characters in their own evolution.

However, the most titillating would have to be the last scene in which a shirtless Damon throws a towel at Alaric (played by Matthew Davis) after Alaric tells him, "Clothes would be nice." We're not so sure about that!

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CANDICE: I worked with Bob Levy and Alloy Entertainment before on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, so that was the initial beginning of it all.

It was just a great opportunity from Alloy Entertainment, Bob Levy and Chip Reed to come and be a part of the project and I was very excited from the very beginning.

"Dating Rules From My Future Self" is a new webseries (from the beliebteste dating app deutschland polen For lucky Lucy, the protagonist of the new web series Dating Rules From My Future Self (from the producers of Gossip Girl) this is a reality! Postado em 04 de Agosto, em DATING RULES FROM MY FUTURE SELF.

It was so relatable and on point to conversations I was having in my group of friends that it was just a great opportunity to kind of live in that world and highlight the comedy of that world of being a 20-something and single. Just the parallels between what the story was and stories that I was actually hearing in real life. I loved that they were just so in line with each other.

CANDICE: [Laughs] No, but I feel like I’m fascinated by my 20’s and this specific time in my life and my girlfriends’ lives.

DATING RULES FROM MY FUTURE SELF was also the #1 most watched show and #6 most popular video on You Tube.

New episodes of DATING RULES FROM MY FUTURE SELF will air every Monday and Wednesday on Hulu and Hulu Plus through August 20, and Tuesdays and Thursdays on the “Dating Rules” Facebook hub through August 21.


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