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Cerys matthews dating

But the awful bit, she is supposedly having hypnosis sessions to make her more stupid, and empty minded, just as a doll would be! I have NO idea where the time has gone, but maybe the blog will go some way as to explain why I’ve been so sidetracked!issue (they did, and won't deny they're a couple)—it's just the wisdom of their hook-up that's in question.This is what happens when a Belligerent Sexual Tension couple gets together without actually solving the belligerence.If the characters are married, is also falls under Awful Wedded Life.

Two characters are supposed to be deeply in love—despite being blatantly unsuited for each other.

As he explains it, a certain genre of love song is "the passionate or fiery variety, usually in tango tempo, in which the singer exhorts his partner to haunt him and taunt him and, if at all possible, to consume him with a kiss of fire." In his version, the singer asks for whippings, broken bones, cigarette burns...

Note that this is actually Truth in Television for many people.

As those of you who follow these blogs may know…….I hope there are one or two of you……….little Gruffudd’s star shot into my orbit last June and there has been some realigning going on because of his comet-like appearance.

I’ve always loved looking up into the skies at night and gazing in awe at the various constellations and clusters of bodies twinkling away in the heavens – and Gruff’s arrival has enabled me to spend many sleepless nights as his body clock has been acclimatizing itself with his new world.


  1. Is it too late to wish you all a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.a Happy New Year? We’ve all been ill here for the past few weeks, so the Muse has been.

  2. Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo will join forces for a new BBC Radio 2 programme that will hit the airwaves from May. The new early evening show was revealed as the.

  3. The Ultimate Guide to Welsh Folk’ is the latest in ARC. musical tradition dating back. Guide to Welsh Folk’ compiled by Cerys Matthews.

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