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Here, we report the successful creation of novel mating-type pairs by searching for suppressor mutations that rescued the sterility of M-factor mutants that were previously isolated.

Several strong suppressors were found to also recognize WT M factor.

Furthermore, no flow of chromosomally integrated drug-resistance genes occurred between the novel and the WT mating pairs, showing that each experimentally created reproductive group [e.g., M factor(V5H) and Map3(F214H)] was isolated from the WT group.

In conclusion, we have succeeded in creating an artificial reproductive group that is isolated from the WT group.

However, bryophytes showing less intense and variable Dh T are understudied, despite the potential for these species to provide an informative link between highly tolerant and sensitive species.

In this study, we tested the degree to which Dh T varies across populations and the sexes of a species expected to exhibit a moderate Dh T phenotype.

, which are reproductively isolated from the WT population, can be created by genetically altering the primary structure of a mating pheromone and its receptor.

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