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Once the drums enter, the song stays mostly the same—sawing violins and a steady drums with some other occasional percussion. Around 6 minutes things change slightly and the song becomes more insistent.The main characters were cute and cartoony and yet the backgrounds were reasonably realistic looking.It really conveyed the setting (the old west, I guess) effectively. The book felt like it was part 2, but to the best of my knowledge it isn’t.But things are more serious than that because the horse–Buddy or Ulysses–was stolen from the kids by a bunch of horse thieves.There’s another chase scene with hijinks, including a crashing water tower In Chapter 3 the kids meet a woman who works in a hotel.And that’s why they are on this death trap of a train. This leads them to entering the most preposterous race in the history of the wild west.The kids escape, of course, and wind up needing some new mode of transportation. The race is designed to give the winner a one on one chat with Pa.All of this comes to a head when a mysterious suitcase is opened and a there is a note from Pa.Pa is the area’s really bad guy–the ultimate bad guy–who has hired many of these men as henchmen and, as the letter points out, is disappointed in all of them. Opie is furious about the donkey, but the donkey is pretty awesome (and wound up being my favorite character).Ned says he wants a hat, and since no one will give him one, he climbs a mountain of a man (he’s so tall we can’t see his face and he is wearing a full-sized bear as a cloak of some sort) and takes the hat off of him.Chaos ensues, the hat flies off (and gets two holes in it) and the kids wind up stealing the giant man’s horse and taking off.


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