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There’s a perfect use for it in sexual technology because it demonstrates that a lifelike erotic AI is feasible.If there are realistic sexbots in the future, they’re going to need not only a good AI that mimics human behavior, but also an AI that can recognize sexual innuendo. If it can detect when a chatter says something that has a sexual connotation, then it will have no problem mimicking the first stage of human foreplay: verbal innuendo.Since I’ve started tracking the story of sexual computing I’ve received many emails and countless tweets stating that while developers and engineers may be working on sexbots and other sexual technologies, no “normal” person would ever use such tech in their sex life. While this survey was conducted with a fairly large sampling size of 1,100 people, it did not specifically ask respondents what they were using their smartphones for while having sex.Nearly 20 percent of young adult smartphone owners in the U. between the ages of 18 and 34 use their smartphones during sex, and nearly 1 in ten U. Theoretically the smartphone use could have been for anything from checking texts, to taking pictures and recording videos, to referencing Kama Sutra guides.And lets not forget that a walking, talking sexbot of the future wouldn’t just be good for those with more eclectic sexual tastes, but such robots could also be non-sexual companions to the old, lonely, or physically handicapped–especially ones that have an AI that is so sensitive it can detect and reply in innuendo. It drives a lot of what we do, and influences a large part of our world outside of the bedroom.Negobot is a brilliant example of the merging of sex and tech. It’s why some men seek high-paying, high-status jobs.This is where it gets interesting, because while most people would say the use of a smart vibrator (which is essentially a “dumb” robot) would not constitute cheating, the You Gov/Huffington Post survey revealed 42% of respondents said sex with a robot be cheating (while 31% said it wouldn’t, and 26% were not sure).

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Now Negobot will try to titillate that chatter to keep them talking as long as possible–and hopefully get them to reveal personal details about themselves and agree to a meetup.And there’s good news out there for the 9% who would like to: It will happen.When I asked the adult app store Mi Kandi’s CEO Jesse Adams to postulate the not too distant future of sex and tech, he had this to say: There will be sex toy like robots that can react, listen and give you the exact pleasure you want to enhance these virtual experiences.Negobot is a clever, indeed ingenious, use of software.The skill at which the programmers have enabled it to accurately mimic a 14-year-old girl approaches a work of art. It knows the latest adolescent slang and pop references.And while checking your phone–or even using it to enhance your technique–in the sack is one thing, surely no one but a pervert would ever sleep with a real sexbot, right? A You Gov/Huffington Post survey of 1,000 US adults found that a whopping 9% of them admitted they would have sex with a robot if they could.That’s almost one out of every 10 people–and those are just the ones who would admit to it.A group of researchers in Spain have successfully coded software that mimics the language and attitude of a 14-year-old girl.The software, officially called Negobot–but now colloquially referred to as a “Virtual Lolita”–appears to be the first AI that accurately mimics an adolescent.But he warned the software risked enticing people to do things they otherwise would not.“Undercover operations are extremely resource-intensive and delicate things to do.


  1. In 2015, among the 5 boroughs around 29% of the diagnosed males were living in the Bronx, with the majority of those diagnosed having sex with men. Furthermore, most of the diagnosed males fell under the category of experiencing Very High Poverty. Also, 40% of the diagnosed females were living in the Bronx; however.

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  3. Jan 22, 2016. Want to know whether you are chatting with a bot or a human? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about chatbots.

  4. Female robots as sexual devices have also appeared, with early constructions being crude. The first was produced by Sex Objects Ltd, a British company, for use as a "sex aid". It was called simply "36C", from her chest measurement, and had a 16-bit microprocessor and voice synthesiser that allowed primitive responses to.

  5. Aug 7, 2013. Statistically speaking, nearly a tenth of people would–if given the chance–do it with a sexbot. But the. It will chat to strangers in a chat room about ordinary subjects, but once a stranger starts speaking in innuendo or overt sexual overtones, Negobot goes into game mode, tagging the chatter as “possibly.

  6. Sep 14, 2017. However, like Abyss Creations' next-generation RealDoll, she's blessed with artificial intelligence so that she can chat, as well as merely perform. "It can help people enhance their relationships," Squire told the ITV hosts. He didn't agree with the suggestion that doing it with a sexbot is a little like making.

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