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If a death has been referred to the coroner, you’ll need to wait for them to give permission before you can register the death. If the person dies abroad, you’ll probably need to register the death in the country where they died.back to top A death can registered by one of the following people: You might also be given a document for a service called Tell Us Once (in England, Scotland and Wales).You may also need to give copies to the executor or administrator who is dealing with the property of the person who’s died.The executor of the Will or the registrar should be able to help you work out how many copies you need.You may change your research consent choice at any time from within your 23and Me account.

You’ll probably need a number of copies of the death certificate, for example to give to any insurance, bank or pension company.

You can get copies of the death certificate from the local register office where the registration took place.

It’s best to get them when you register the death as they will be cheaper.

If you choose to have your sample stored, you may later request that it be destroyed; however, if you choose not to store your sample this cannot be changed.

You will have the option to store any future saliva samples you collect.


  1. How to register a death in the UK. Who can register a death and documents you need. Find your local register office or District Registration Office.

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