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has its own implementation of them, and the macrophile and vorarephile communities have adopted that site for their own nefarious purposes. The sensation envolopes you and gradually makes the world around you increase greatly in stature.(Most of what’s on is, candidly, pretty terrible, but that’s a different topic.) But the name “interactive fiction” (or just “IF”) was invented for a different kind of storytelling, one that started with the game and other text adventures. But I can shrink YOU so that I appear much larger to you. The wolf becomes what seems like a large statue, followed by a tree, finally like the size of a building.

She stops growing just before her ears brush the ceiling. “Well, what do you know, I and smashes right through and out into the street. Then she leans over, bending deeply at the waist, bringing her huge teeth to within mere inches of you.

If you’ve never played IF, there are many places out there where you can get fine introductions (I recommend Emily Short’s pamphlet); they’re similar to a CYOA story, but far more flexible. You’re merely at her hindpaws now, easy enough to cover you in one fell step if she so desired. You are now fully at the mercy of a she wolf Okay, Thanos needed a copy editor. Being derived partially from ALICE’s knowledge base, she knew hundreds of topics and had thousands of responses.

Instead of choosing from a list, the player gives simple commands, like . What’s more, since she was designed for roleplay, she knew a wide range of direct commandsin a dozen sessions I doubt I scratched the surface.

Unlike AIML, Inform has the concept of a world populated with people and things, all of whom have different properties.

Its set of rulesdefine not just the text of the game’s responses to you, but how the world works: what it means for something to be a container, or to be a door, or to be dark, or to be lockable.


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