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Have you ever had feelings so strong that they make you want to cry—but you don't want anyone to know?Have you ever lain awake at night yearning for help but not wanting to ask? Chirp at Cricket (Ca C): Supposed to be used for talking to Cricket, Ladybug, and all those other bugs. ) Come on down to Ba B and chat, play trivias, and fangirl over y'all's fictional crushes! to find out about it, go to: How to Post a Picture on CB Just use the file attatchement feature! ) But if you want to do it the long way (and post multiple at a time), do this: 1. This rule is slightly lax, but it's pretty obvious now where/where not AEs should post.

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Anyway, feel free to add on terms, shorthand, and rules. Participants guess the murderer as the story goes on. Sometimes it's easy to get carried away and not realize your charrie is a bit OP. In my (albeit brief) study of this phenomenon, here a few theories to how to avoid it. That's a good description, Bibliophile; again, I'm gonna add on to it. Just kidding, you won't be stampeded, but you may have some offended CBers (Chatterboxers plural) on your hands.We offer multiple cam rooms, our unique integration of social profiles allows chatters to interact and share pictures.Speaking on your mobile phones, desktops is easy making well ahead of the competition. For example, CBer A might write: Usually, the posts are longer than this, they are of no specified length. CBer Story (noun, term): A story in which one person writes a story in which CBers are characters. A game in which every player takes on a name usually based on a theme (for example, in a Food SI one might be Fried Chicken) and then tries to guess who others are and avoid being guessed. One example of an OP character could be in an Element RP. If the second comment is made before the first comment is visible, the post remains in the back pages. However, more like a standard book, everyone takes turns writing "chapters", not nessecarily from different POVs. When a character in a RP is super-powerful and it's not fun for other people to RP with them because they sort of can do anything and take of the RP. To send the NEW POST back to the front pages, WAIT UNTIL THE FIRST COMMENT APPEARS, then make a second comment. Anyone can top a post by making the second comment on the post.Ex; "Hotel L' Faye" by the Teller of Tales (AKA Shadow Dragon). Character RP (noun): I don't really think there's a name for this, but this is when one participates in a roleplay in which you comment as your character as if you were them. In other words, try to make the first line of your new thread as plain and boring as possible... Also try to avoid using quotation marks because they sometimes show up as random punctuation. There are three that will be referenced: Camp Na No, the Na No Wri Mo that goes on in April and then July (I believe); Na No, which is for people 13 and older; and YWP, or the Young Writers' Program, for users 18 and under.CAPTCHA (noun): The little spam box at the bottom of a page when you submit a post or a comment. To add on to the etiquette: Many people, sometimes when they are not proud of what they are posting, post under a name that is not their CB name. If a RP is nine pages in, on page 39 of the Inkwell, and from 2012, don't join it! (If you don't get Cricket this one might not make sense.) Did you like the cover art? You can also stuff it to bursting with the like of Ca C's fare! Post-AE war, Somebody got rid of her AEs DNA and Agent Nightcat and replaced them with Shifting Sands (the Returned of the Continuity) and Volcano Flame (the Ignited of the Fire Realm), and I replaced my AE Saint Owl with Feather. There was a lot of intense controversy over how many AEs someone can have, how developed their personalities should be, etc. (New CBers, pay attention.) Do not join a RP that has already started unless the maker says it's OK. Areas of CB This Month: An center to talk about things from this month's issue of Cricket! But nowadays we CBers fill it with silly games, sillier announcements, and other supercalifragalisticexpialadocious things! ) Blab about Books (Ba B): Well, the name sort of speaks for itself, doesn't it? Down to Earth (Dt E): A place to talk about things in the world around you, like the Presidential Election, school, Global Warming, and anything else! The war became something that we quite literally started an RP during (taking place in a crumbling CB) and of which quite a few people threatened to leave.


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