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I have no big regrets but our marriage is not idyllic and mostly held together by the kids.So don't have your expectations too high, Chinese are very money focused, much more than we can imagine, and that weighs on relationships.You could actually think the agencies are entirely to blame, were it not for Chnlove profiteering knowingly from the system, and even the women relying voluntarily on the agencies to find a suitable groom because they are too busy or lazy to get involved in the communications.Now on to the women: many are genuine, at least this was the case 8 years ago. Of the genuine ones, don't expect them to accept a huge age difference unless you're extremely wealthy, and if you are, you probably don't need to come look in China.Also loks wise, if you couldn't date her at home, you probably can't here either.Most will be unwanted by Chinese men, too old (30 ), bad background, divorced with or without kids or simply unattractive, we foreigners actually have the reputation of taking the uglies.

Everything is working out well for me on this site. The business model eventually expanded to paid videos, phone calls, email addresses and what have you to rake in the dollars from the male end.But after using it for a while I began to like the services they have. I joined the site with the idea of taking chances of finding the one. We teach one another our cultures and even give ideas; one of my friends is interested in visiting my country and wants to know more about me.I especially like the Live chat service and the Camshare.(although we can't speak in front of the cam). Hopefully, this friendship might end up being a romance.Try going on Live Chat where you can send instant messages to each other back and forth like youre in close proximity, and EMF Mail where theres an Email Me back option whenever you leave a message. Hope all the members find their lover You will find if you keep looking. Just keep using it and you should know the fact,the more active you are,the more luck you will get.The more active you are the bigger chance you have to get a date or many dates. This site conveniently does not post testimonials or showcase couples married through their site. I feel sorry for those suckers that think they are going to find a wife through this site.Keep using the site and keep looking you can make it work out. I am looking forward to what the future will hold for both of us. What was probably initially a dating site turned into a translation agency network on the Chinese end, agencies earning money from EMF letters.I live in China now and go to a massage parlour for a genuine massage once in a while, but they do offer extras, one of the girls speaks english and told me she is on Chnlove and hopes for a rich escape.The real pretty ladies here are in high demand, you won't find them on Chnlove, the standard of living has also made leaps ahead, they generally don't need a middle class laowai for a comfortable life anymore.I find that the members on this site are quite responsive. The first meetings in China were thus a full discovery of each other, the girls knew nothing of me and their photos were sometimes heavily photoshopped and I did run into some major surprises, although I also got lucky.My wife was actually interested but couldn't afford the joining fee, the free joining was a great opportunity.


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