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Small stabilizing fins behind the side mirrors are used to pull air close to the vehicle, and aero ducts in both the front bumper and side skirting feeds air across the sidewalls of all four tires for greater straight-line stability.Underneath the LC, all components are covered by an extensive underbody plane — the covering raises up and meshes with the muffler design to form a massive integrated air diffuser.

The 2UR-GSE 5.0-liter V8 powering the Lexus LC 500 is an updated version of the engine found in the RC F & GS F.

Attached to the 2UR-GSE engine is a Direct Shift 10-speed automatic transmission, marking the first time a 10-speed transmission has been used in a luxury vehicle.

The LC 500h introduces the first Multi-Stage Hybrid system from Lexus, and its goal is to bring a new level of performance to hybrid technology.

In order to allow for easier grip and improve the feel, the paddle shifters are made from magnesium alloy.

The 8-inch Thin Film Transistor LCD circular dial embedded in the instrument panel is a direct descendent of the LFA design — it moves side-to-side as the driver moves through the various menus and settings, and the appearance will change depending on the selected drive mode.


  1. INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL. while accommodating a variety of. The clamshell grill must only be used for single and two sided cooking of foodstuffs in.

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