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Córdoba was in a state of rebellion, briefly joined by Seville from 566–567, until Leovigild put it down in 572.It may have had a local government during this period, or may have recognised Byzantine suzerainty.In late March 555, the supporters of Agila, in fear of the recent Byzantine successes, turned and assassinated him, making Athanagild the king of the Goths.Quickly the new king tried to rid Spain of the Byzantines, but failed.

Nevertheless, effective Roman rule was maintained over most areas through the death of Emperor Majorian in 461.

The Byzantines occupied many coastal cities in Baetica and this region was to remain a Byzantine province until its reconquest by the Visigoths barely seventy years later.

The Byzantine province of Spania never extended very far inland and received relatively little attention from East Roman authorities, probably because it was designed as a defensive bulwark against a Gothic invasion of Africa, which would have been an unnecessary distraction at a time when the Persian Empire was a larger threat in the East.

The Visigoths, vassals of the Roman Empire who had settled in Aquitaine by imperial invitation (416), increasingly filled the vacuum left as the Vandals moved into Africa.

In 468 they attacked and defeated the Suevi, who had occupied Roman Gallaecia were threatening to expand.


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