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Computer policy not updating

Then make sure you target a user group (Create a users Group if not already called H Drive and add users to it) on the Common tab (Common\Item-Level targeting.) and point to the group you have the users added to.this should work mate and ifit doesnt then run the command and see what the error says (Right click user Config, check the error tab to see why it failed.).Also, there is a difference between refreshing a policy and forcing a policy refresh.A default policy refresh will only download the settings that have changed. To update Group Policy in Windows 2000, you have to use the secedit command.As an IT Administrator, there are many times when I make a change to Group Policy in Active Directory and need to manually refresh the policy on a client machine.Depending on which OS you are running, the command to refresh group policy is different.Settings for the new WSUS server were entered into domain GPO.

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I configured our new domain controller and was getting folks migrated over to it and just mapping the network drives manually on their machines.

When I run the rsop.msc, I do that on the server side and it will have tabs available? Its always best to structure the OU groups and seperate computers and users which in the logn run makes creating GPO's for each object (User / Computer) easier to target.

I am new to this and trying to learn all that I can, thanks again for the help. i also create a Groups OU so that any group i use for drive maps/ wsus / software etc is all based in oen group.

I built in an organizational unit first and then transferred the users into a group from there. I have not heard of the command line you informed me about but will try that tomorrow.

As far as the item level targeting I will go back and reset that to be true, because in the midst of trying new things I took ILT off and used GPO to target which group it was going to.


  1. Jul 3, 2013. Be aware, this method will display the command prompt with “Updating Policy” on the computer objects you run it against. So bear this in mind if you're running this against your desktops or laptops with users logged in. GPupdate6. Method 3. Fear not! If you're not using Server 2012, you can still achieve the.

  2. My Windows 10 computer has developed a problem in the last few months where it won't update group policy. The error is as follows The processing of Group Policy failed. Windows attempted to read the file \\domain.local\SysVol\domain.local\Policies\{25161F17-B18F-478B-9434-B2C9371B1986}\.

  3. Mar 12, 2015. This article gives solution or fix for GPO Update gpupdate / force Failed error- User and Computer policy could not be updated successfully.

  4. Feb 8, 2016. This article provides information on using Group Policy or registry settings to add Windows Server Update Services clients to computer groups. Client-side targeting will not function properly if the groups do not exist or don't have names that match those in the corresponding Group Policy or registry.

  5. Jun 16, 2009. Group Policy Update in Windows 2000. To update Group Policy in Windows 2000, you have to use the secedit command. To refresh the computer policies, use this command SECEDIT /REFRESHPOLICY MACHINE_POLICY /ENFORCE. To refresh the user policies in Windows 2000, use the following.

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