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“They both had separately written lists of the qualities and characteristics their ideal partner would possess.

When they read each other’s profile, they recognised that each matched the other’s list.

"Men more aggressive on dating sites, women more self-conscious." Science Daily. Researchers have used new data about the vocal attractiveness of consonants.

Vowels are already well studied and there are several acoustic cues intrinsic to vowels -- such as pitch -- that effect ...

The thought of totally ridding our diets of animal products, from creamy Brie to steak and milk chocolate, is enough to make some of us want to lie down in a dark room.

But for committed vegans, the choice to ditch anything that cause harm to animals, the environment and your health is an easy one to make.

Binghamton University Ph D candidate Shuangfei Zhai is co-author of the paper, along with Benyuan Liu, Yizhou Sun, Cindy Chen and lead researcher Peng Xia.

If someone states they're vegan it's something you have in common and can talk about.But while the number of people dabbling in a plant-based existence has crawled upwards, the figures of those sticking to it aren’t quite so positive.Separate research in the US, where levels of veganism have also shot up, show that 84 per cent of people can’t commit to a life where they can’t indulge in a beef burger once in a while. The 27-year-old, who works as a video manager for a digital advertising agency in London, says a partner being vegan is "important but not vital. But as it has somewhat of an impact on day to day choices it does make things easier if we're aligned from an ethical and dietary standpoint.” Asked if he has ever sought out people who are vegan or vegetarian when dating, he adds: “Not directly but I'd say it probably does sway my opinion.It’s those people that vegan dating sites are here to help.In the decade following 2006, veganism has gradually become a more mainstream lifestyle choice, prompting a 360 per cent rise in those giving it a go in the UK.The data revealed behavioral differences between male and female users when it comes to contacting potential partners.In particular, males tend to be focused on their own interests and be oblivious toward their attractiveness to potential dates, while females are more conscious of their own attractiveness.Especially places to go to eat.” As he had a long-term relationship with someone who ate meat, his veganism hasn’t caused problems in dating but he says it could “ limit potential date or restaurant choices.But if it was an issue for them we probably wouldn't even get to the stage of arranging a date.” But the picture seems more complex for those who use vegan dating websites.In terms of the data, it shows that women have a much larger chance of getting responses from users that they send messages to," said Zhai.Binghamton University, State University of New York.


  1. Men more aggressive on dating sites, women more self-conscious. Date July 19, 2016; Source Binghamton University, State University of New York; Summary Using data collected from Baihe, one of the largest dating websites in China, researchers developed a reciprocal recommendation system that better matches.

  2. If you are looking for a more meaningful approach to online dating, this socially conscious dating app partners with nonprofits, to aid in planned dates such like. but they recently announced a new update that allows users to match individually, creating more opportunities to connect with and discover new people. It's kinda.

  3. May 13, 2016. That self-consciousness definitely stems over into my dating life too, and with online dating even more. I understand everyone has their preferences, but it's always been the most baffling thing to me how some people unabashedly put things like "Under 5'10" need not apply" right in their profile, dismissing.

  4. Jan 7, 2016. 2016 New year, newmating call? Or you could just sit back and read Luke's view on the oddities of online dating The world of online dating is a strange, weird void between what reality is and what people want to make of themselves. In theory, Tinder, Plenty of Fish and other dating platforms are.

  5. May 10, 2017. Does dating a white person really make someone "less black". By Zeba Blay. Netflix. Sam and Gabe from “Dear White People,” which explores interracial relationships. And no, a white partner doesn't automatically make you less conscious, less engaged with your own blackness. That's up to you.

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