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Consolidating credit card debt affect credit score who is maria bello dating 2016

Two Financial Attitudes You and your roommate have different backgrounds, which will often […] Continue Reading » [S]aving money is a difficult task any time, but it can be even harder when you have kids.

It seems there’s always something to spend your income on with nothing left over for a rainy day.

The earlier this is identified, the more time you have to ensure your credit score is exactly where you need to be.

Reducing credit card debt ratios affects FICO and Vantage credit scores in unique ways.

However, reality sets in when you take on a roommate.

That duration of time can be very damaging to your credit score.

All of this can appear negative to lenders looking at your report.

Even though debt consolidation can be helpful, it can carry other repercussions.

The method you choose to shrink balances determines where and when you qualify to borrow money again.

Tread carefully and weigh the pros and cons of several different approaches.


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