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Consolidating two domains

The following shows key tracking code customizations for three example URLs.As mentioned above, a default setup of Google Analytics is designed to track content and visitor data for a single domain, such as method directs the target site to read cookie data from the POST data rather than from the regular user session information.In this way, you can pass cookie data set on one domain to another and thereby retain the visitor session from your online store to your shopping cart.

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This section covers a variety of tracking scenarios, ordered by the most popular methods.In this scenario, you might want to track two unique domains and one sub-domain.For example, suppose you have an online store and you also want to track visitor and campaign data to your blog.Since we are not able to setup a trust relationship between the forest, this was proving to be almost an impossible task.Yes, we could use third party products but it would still require building a full exchange organization in the corporate forest, which was what my clients were trying to avoid. Run the remote mailbox move request wizard to begin the migration of mailbox data to the cloud.This means that Analytics tracking for i Framed pages requires special configuration in order to work in Internet Explorer.For the web pages that reside in the i Frame, you will need to configure privacy preferences.Similarly, use the i Framed content that is hosted in a separate domain from the parent page is regarded as third-party content.The default privacy setting for Internet Explorer 6 and above does not allow third-party websites to store cookies on the first-party site. If you are starting a new implementation, we recommend you use the latest version of this library, For existing implementations, learn how to migrate from to


  1. Hi Ibrahim, I have two questions. 1 Did you migrate over time? 2 If you migrated steadily, a few user at a time did all the users, contacts and.

  2. Hey folks, I am traveling between two offices and would like to joining my laptop to the two different domains. Is it possible? And How? Actual.

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