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Craigs list dating scams

In the second case, they are not interested in your item at all.

Next, they either send you a fake check for the item that will eventually be rejected by your bank after they have taken the item, or they will request that you give them your name, address, and phone number so they can fill out a cashier’s check to you.The guy wouldn't stop calling or texting me every minute of the day and he started stalking me..So now I'm willing to try this again, but I need to make sure you're safe and real before we do anything together.I just recently moved here and I'm looking for friends with benefits, but I'm also open to long term "relationships".If we make it more than that one day, than great, but I just want to have a good time together ;).With a few simple clicks and an email address, anyone can post wanted and 'for sale' items.However, everyone needs to be aware and distinguish valid and scam posts in Craigslist.UPDATE 1/29/11 Here are some of her new fake photos.Craigslist’s heyday may be behind it at this point, but millions of people still flock to the site in search of all sorts of discounted goods and services. The trouble with the site is and always has been weeding out the scams from the genuine deals, a task that’s more difficult now than it has ever been in the past.But, they will have some excuse as to why they cannot just come purchase the item directly from you.Some may say they are on vacation or away on business, while others may just say they live in another area or another state and would like to send you a check and have the item shipped to them.


  1. Learn about some common scams on Craigslist, including what they look like, how they work, and how you can protect yourself against them.

  2. Craigslist Dating Scams Saturday, January 8, 2011. and. This list will be updated as more addresses are reported.

  3. Completely free Craigslist online dating site. It's free to join and search. Completely free to contact your local Craigslist Dating members.

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