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Over the mellow trance-like beat her voice slides like silk through the words of a very dark but lovely writer, “When the splints have been broken/And they can't help you now/Do you pray with your eyes closed naturally"” Who is this band set before us now" It is the same old Crystal Castles, but evolved in so many beautiful ways.We know the old thrashy sounds of the band could not be entirely lost when the song “Doe Deer” comes on. The track “Baptism” also follows this familiar pattern with its dance-floor worthy beat similar to that of “Courtship Dating” of the previous album.The album opens up with “Fainting Spells,” a song that is an obvious correlation with “Magic Spells” of the previous album.The song is quite similar to the Crystal Castles that we heard on the previous album, just a bit more produced sounding and generally enhanced mechanically.This leak caused the band to push the album forward from its June release date to a mid-May release.Thus the birth of Crystal Castles [II], their second self-titled album.The fans, while still loyal, were left a little confused unknowing of if the band was finished forever or just on break.

No Myspace updates, no interviews, no shows, nothing.The book tells the story of ten people brought to huge mansion nestled on a remote island, all ten are complete strangers but all begin to meet to suspicious deaths on the island within a single night, and with each death one of the ten little Native American dolls in the dining hall vanish.The perpetrator of the murders is kept secret until the very end in a bizarre twist that leaves the readers mind in a warp of shock and awe; it is this kind of mystery that the Canadian electronic band, Crystal Castles uses to its highest potential.Everyone loves a good mystery, that frightening suspense of the unknown, the terrifying thought that your best friend may not be the person you thought they were.Mysteries combine shock and thrill to push the audience and characters alike to the brink of madness.Through all the screeching noises and shouts of Alice Glass on this song something indescribably appealing comes out of the song because although its noisy, there is a strange sentimental vibe behind it all.This sentiment comes out even more in the following track, “Celestica.” This track is a major wake up-slap to Crystal Castles fans as it is actually Alice singing, yes singing, not screaming or shouting, not growling or screeching, singing.The midsection of the album, consisting of the tracks “Empathy,” “Suffocation,” and “Violent Dreams” all take a different approach in terms of tone and use a more dreamy rhythm.The only unfortunate side though is that the latter two of those tracks sound undoubtedly similar, and being that the two are both four minutes and longer they can tend to drag together into an eight minute dream-state.After many leaked demos featuring the fast and rhythmic beats of Ethan Kath and the screaming vocals of the ever-so edgy Alice Glass, the band finally released their debut album in 2008.Though extremely successful, the duo faced many legal troubles in their use of samples and a peculiar picture of Madonna with a black eye that was intended to be the albums cover.


  1. Music Reviews Crystal Castles by Crystal Castles released in 2008 via Lies Records / Last. Genre Electronic.

  2. The limited release sold out. Air War 17 December 2007, and Courtship Dating 31 March 2008. Crystal Castles are known not only for. To date.

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