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Cupid dating rules

You must keep a look out for ground sign (evidence that something that goes bang has been buried) no matter how much you want to switch off and stare blankly at the boots in front of you.A shit bloke from my unit was posted with another battlegroup, he was caught playing a handheld games console while on stag.I would pick up every single little thing individually, and I would ask myself “is this going to help keep me or the blokes alive?” If the answer was yes it would go into one pile, if the answer was no it would go into another pile.I hate clutter, everything in my life needs to have a purpose.

As an ex 22 Special Air Service RSM (highest rank of a soldier) once told me “Your body is just an empty carcass, it will do what you tell it to do, don’t let your mind put limits on it.

It is no wonder, that when you live like this, your body and your mindset finds balance.

I remember coming home in October and looking in my mirror in the block. I spent a lot of time and effort studying the body.

There are a number of traits I believe to be useful, some essential, but without discipline they are all useless.

The potential threat to you as an individual and as a unit when you’re moving around the most dangerous place on earth is huge, of course, but if you switch off, you times it by 10.


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