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Customer configuration updating

In short, everything needed to run and operate the platform that is not a For changing settings that we currently cannot manage as configuration files in version control, such as Git Hub repository settings and Nessus scan settings, you must first get agreement from another team member that the change should be made (such as over Slack or Hangouts).

If possible, Configuration Management tools need to be set up to always roll back to a known state.Therefore, in these practices, configuration item may be interpreted as configuration component or configuration unit as appropriate.(See the definition of configuration item in the glossary.) Baselines provide a stable basis for continuing evolution of configuration items.You can request a review using Git Hub’s built-in tools, mention someone in the PR with the notation, or contact them outside the Git Hub context to request a review.Whenever possible, the proposed changes should be tested locally.Because of the nature of many of the repositories and deployment environments, local testing is not always possible or practical. The CMMi easy button concept and disclaimer Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the authors and do not express a position on the subject from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) or any organization or SEI Partner affiliated with the SEI.These are our team practices within those requirements.Both forking and branching are welcome in our repositories.Provisions for conducting configuration management should be established in supplier agreements.Methods to ensure that the data is complete and consistent should be established and maintained.


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