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Cyber dating sidekick validating windows media player 11

Because here at SPAMfighter, fighting spam, removing malware and dealing with cyber crime is something we do on a daily basis and some of us are also avid movie buffs.

A cyber crime movie has to have themes involving computers, modern technology and a crime of some sort, but the movie should also be entertaining with a haunting or moving plot and great acting.

First, the RIM Blackberry network went down – again – leaving thousands of Blackberry users in the dark.

Then, it was announced that Microsoft was buying Palo Alto-based Danger, the company behind the Danger Hiptop – more popularly known as the Tmobile Sidekick.

We can’t comment on the general level of military IT security portrayed in a movie that takes place circa 1983 and the plot is very unlikely but effective as popcorn entertainment. Growing up in the eighties this is a bit of a classic.

Watch this as a fun movie to pass the time, not for its depiction of cyber crime. The verdict: Swordfish (2001) A hacker played by Hugh Jackman is forced into helping bad guy John Travolta get his hands on a couple million USD. Although Swordfish has nice visual effects and slick cinematography overall, at the end of the day the story is mostly nonsense and predictable.

In one particularly silly scene the hacker acquires access to a FBI system just by hammering on a keyboard.

We’ve decided that movies with a realistic depiction of cyber crime but mediocre in its other characteristics do not make the cut, and after much discussion, to stay away from science fiction movies as well. Here is the ultimate SPAMfighter list of 10 cyber crime movies.

War Games (1983) Probably the godfather of all cybercrime movies, but correct us here if we are wrong.


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