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And she had--she has this thing against, uh, she has this thing in her mind against, uh, being able to believe people on--people over the internet and falling in love with them so easily.

[squeak] Yeah, so I don't say--so that's why I didn't say anything about that to her at this time, even though she would have been--she would have been open-minded about it since I have told her previously about my mass durbation. [more squeaks] Uh, she says she'll believe it when, uh, if she sees you in person. Maybe we can chat on the PSN or through Skype through my PSP here. I don't know, that--never thought that would've crossed my mind... I-I would say for most men that, uhh...well, still, I mean they'd say to distance myself, but..know, I'd rather this went on until--on until Mumble or whatever...fo--for sure. Yeah, 'cause I just, well, I just don't make an assumption..the bat about the orientation.

Reviewd Dalian China: Technology Coordinator @ Dalian American International School.

THIS PAGE RESIZABLE FOR ALL DEVICES Conversational Analysis of Chat Room Talk PHD thesis by Dr.

Are there common, “core” elements, present on all web-based chat sites?

Are there specialist elements on specialist sites – and if so, is this limited to lexis, or does it extend to other elements of “texted talk”?

Bob Walks In Aftermath is a conversation that took place on 14 February 2009 between Chris and Julie, shortly after his cybersex session was cut down by the internet lumberjack.

Julie is inaudible throughout, being only heard in several, nails-on-a-chalkboard squeaks and whistles.

[squeaky pause] Only my moth--only my mother knows about it. Alright, so- alright, so, uh, let me do that in the what? It is notable that Chris ends the call after saying "Ickvenschwel.Ickvenschwel with my heart." before making a series of sounds which vaguely resemble kissing noises.[pause] And he's not very--he's not as open-minded as my mother is about the subject. So, I think, uhh, you know that at this point if you are cybersex through audio only you either through the PSN or Skype right here. [squeaky pause] Your brother doesn't like to--your brother doesn't like to hear your erotic moaning? [squeaky pause; sigh] Yeah, and I think she...[pause] yeah..Clyde or some other troll but more likely Clyde. Well pretty much now, my erection has, uh, been undone and I'm not feeling in the mood for it right now, but you know hey, on the bright side, we still have our Sunday Valentine's Day Date in Little Big--in Little Big Planet. [brief whistly pause] 'Cause I'm not sure on this, the time anyway. [pause; sigh; Chris then makes some strange noises that almost sound like he's moaning. Uh, y-y-so, y-so [unintelligible] so if he ever did talk to you about your erotic moaning, so--y--y--so you didn't really talk to your brother about you doing that with me? [pause] Uh, I don't know, I do not answer the phone but my mom said that she heard the voice before on the telephone, 'cause she must have picked it up at one time. But then my father picked it up, then you know what happened. [brief squeaky pause] I just mean it causes stress, it is, I mean--you know I was feeling so elated and father came in and made me feel embarrassed and got me all keyed up with stress. Anyway, I also- I also had like a chat window set up in the PS3, uh, just after father interrupted and I sent you a chat invite. [long pause] Hey, I still love you, and you're coming to visit me at least, right? I called her the other day and told her that I put more effort into that for me. I'm searching like, local news magazines like, uh, The Hook. But then I remembered- then I remembered just a few--just a few moments ago the PSN on my PSP, so I called you on here. You know that I have, uh, watched a romantic comedy where the older--where there's, like, an older brother and a younger sister going out with this guy. [brief pause] It's a...[squeak]...local..magazine, newsletter. You know, it's not newspaper, but it's printed on such paper, and it's usually distributed for free? But I can, uh, if you want, uh, want us to do, uh, if you want us to do like, our cybersex we're definitely going to have to go audio. [brief pause and more squeaking] Yeah that's gonna take awhile. 'Cause, you know, he's not- y-you should see- he's old, and he cannot take things as easily as, uh the younger generation can. Oh yeah, I'm having, uh, actually I'm searching for volunteer work that pays, and I'm having Rocky help me with that.


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