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Ok, I just have to be real I like going out for drinks and having fun but I find more peace and have more fun just kicking back.I love the beach, swimming, diving, movies, music and spontaneous trips, and learning abou..There is considerable disagreement on how to classify Cypriot Greek geminates, though they are now generally understood to be "geminates proper" (rather than clusters of identical phonemes or "fortis" consonants).

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Our wide selection means that you can find Greek matches that truly share the traits that are most important to you, rather than being forced to pick from just a handful of Greek singles you might find on some other sites.

The question of national identity is a fraught and impossible one.

Readers’ comments on this website, and on our Facebook page, often get bogged down on the issue of whether a unique Cypriot identity even exists, independent of qualifiers like ‘Greek’ and ‘Turkish’.

To try and answer this question – or at least get a vague indication of how Cypriots feel – we went on the streets of Nicosia and asked a random selection of people how they view themselves.

Are you a Greek individual living in the United Kingdom?


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