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The vast majority of them take drugs themselves or sell them, just like Honza. I stayed living with my Dad after that, but he's no longer alive now.

He got killed in a car when I was 16," Honza begins.

He lived on the street and took showers either at the station or in the homes of his first clients.

"When you are a 16-year-old hooker you enjoy a really good standard of living, but by the time you are over 20, if you do drugs, you have absolutely no chance.

When they are thrown out of the homes at 18 and go into the larger world, they leave their family behind.

They are used to eating five or six times a day, they've grown up in an institution, so understandably they have become institutionalized. One of László's social work clients now appears in the doorway, called Milly. Some people still think we pay for everything with gold bank cards, that we have a high standard of living," says Milly, who is wearing a light layer of make-up on his face and has gently plucked eyebrows.

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Now he runs an organization based in the Vysočany neighborhood of Prague.

"At one time I made five or six thousand crowns a night. The boys from the area around Prague's Wilson Station are usually from communities of drug-addicted people.

They know all the local homeless people, the female prostitutes and their pimps very well. "As a child I played competitive football and until I was about 15 I lived a completely comfortable life, except for the fact that I grew up without my mother, who passed away when I was five.

Originally a professional textile artist, he has spent many years as a social worker and street worker with all sorts of children and young people who end up on the street without any help. You won't hear vulgar language here - each curse word costs you CZK 20.

A significant portion of his social work clients are male prostitutes. "The vast majority of children living on the street come from the children's homes.


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