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Sibling Death and Childhood Traumatic Grief also offers self-care advice for caregivers to help them cope with their grief reactions.

Sibling Death and Traumatic Grief Additional Resources—For Children and Teens (2010) (PDF) Sibling Death and Traumatic Grief Additional Resources—For Professionals (2010) (PDF) Suicide and Refugees (webpage)Discusses risks and protective factors for suicide among refugees and provides talking points for discussing suicide with children and adolescents.

The men were told they could be deleted from the ‘system’ for a fee. Initially Sutherland’s mother, Mary, was arrested because the details given to callers was for a bank account in her name, but she told police she had given it over to her son.

Last night she said knew he had been working on a gay chat line, but the revelations had been a “shock”.

Kelz Sutherland, 19, ran a fake sex hotline from his bedroom at his parents’ home in Edinburgh.

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One 62-year-old man paid £34,000 to Sutherland after being threatened and spent a fortnight in hospital due to stress.

A 43-year-old caller paid out a total of £24,000 over a month after being harassed by repeated phone calls threatening police involvement.

She said: “He never said a word about what he was up to.

It was a shock when I came home and couldn’t get in the door for the police.” Sutherland’s defence agent, Fiona Cooper, said: “He sees himself as having taken action against people that he viewed as paedophiles.” Sheriff Deirdre Mac Neill QC said the victims had been left “mortified and embarrassed”.


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