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The first bonding occurred when Anne was seriously wounded after being shot by the second Sin-Eater.

During this period, the Venom symbiote joined with Eddie's ex-wife Anne Weying on two occasions.

It would later be revealed that this black costume was in fact a symbiote. Even with these additional powers, he was still swiftly defeated by Spider-Man, as the Avengers dealt with the rest of the Twelve.

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Eddie was subsequently tormented by hallucinations of the symbiote, representing his dark impulses, and had a hand in determining Aunt May's fate when she was in the same hospital as him after being shot by a sniper hired by Wilson Fisk. Eddie Brock had been a reporter for the Daily Globe who was fired after Spider-Man debunked his story exposing the identity of the Sin-Eater, humiliating him and ruining his career to the point where he could only find work with cheap gossip magazines. When it then tried to eat Spider-Man, Deadpool rejected it and it returned to Our Lady of Saints Church just in time to encounter its next host. Parker's rejection left the symbiote extremely bitter toward him, a trait it would share with most of its future hosts. The symbiote, using its remaining strength, dragged Peter to safety before fleeing through the cracks of the floor to the lower levels of the church, which would lead Spider-Man to assume the symbiote had actually perished. However, its growing bloodlust left Eddie unsettled, and when he refused to satiate its hunger it left him on two separate occasions to hunt on its own for prey and a more suitable host, seeking to return to Spider-Man. Over time, the symbiote grew more powerful, developing an increased resistance to its weaknesses and learning how to speak. Venom was captured by the Life Foundation, which separated Eddie from the symbiote and forced it to give birth to five offspring: Riot, Lasher, Phage, Agony, and Scream. These instances proved traumatic for Anne, causing her to commit suicide later on. Contemplating suicide after being disowned by his father and divorced by his wife, Eddie entered Our Lady of Saint's Church to pray for forgiveness. Shortly before this, Brock had found out he had terminal adrenal cancer, and his writing was one of the only things that kept it off his mind.


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