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In 1938 up to 1950, the Consolidated League also held tournaments for girls.

The state tournaments were held in the Valley City State College gymnasium and other sites.

Forum rules Please do not post just to complain about players, coaches, teams, officials, fans, or anyone else.

Lets all try to demonstrate the spirit of good sportsmanship. North Dakota Consolidated League Starting in 1922, up to 1950, the North Dakota Consolidated League composed of real small villages, and even township schools, conducted their own boys' tournament.

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I heard in last years region championship they REALLY blew a big lead late against Carrington. Just a quick note, regions 2 & 4 have won 11 of the last 17 state titles including tonight's win for North Star dating back to the 1995 season.Carrington in 95', 10', North Star 11', New Rockford/Sheyenne 05', Leeds 99' from region 4.Region 2 titles from MPCG 96', 97', 02', & 03', Grafton 08'.The FBI and DOJ obtained one initial FISA warrant targeting Carter Page and three FISA renewals from the FISC. Then-DAG Sally Yates, then-Acting DAG Dana Boente, and DAG Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more FISA applications on behalf of DOJ.Our findings indicate that, as described below, material and relevant information notes Steele was working for a named U. person, but does not name Fusion GPS and principal Glenn Simpson, who was paid by a U. law firm (Perkins Coie) representing the DNC (even though it was known by DOJ at the time that political actors were involved with the Steele dossier).Honestly, how many of the real small schools that are clinging on to there existence do you see throwing out 8th & 9th graders that have no business being on a varsity team yet?Not going to give any direct examples, but if you've been to any amount of games over the last several years there are plenty of them, not knocking the kids that are thrown out there, but it's not really fair to them either.In some cases (not many), there are kids who are ready at that age, but more times than not, usually soph. Does anyone know if a person can go to a ND newspaper and get past sport stories from their archives ? Also where, if any place, could I buy books covering some of this information ?on up are more ready to play than 8th & 9th graders. I really Believe there is a reality to the list starting from the beginning all the way to the early 80's, (with exception of a few teams in the 70's, like hillsboro and a couple others).... "Charlie"Every newspaper keeps copies of old newspapers, either hard copy or electronic.For example, in September 2016, Steele admitted to Ohr his feelings against then-candidate Trump when Steele said he "was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president." This clear evidence of Steele's biasalso mentions information regarding fellow Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, but there is no evidence of any cooperation or conspiracy between Page and Papadopoulos.The Papadopoulos informationin late July 2016 by FBI agent Pete Strzok.


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