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Dating an emirati man

As those those communities usually are very closed.

I found out that a few things about dubai locals (also on this forum):1) u should have enough cash to go in relationship with local girl - this point is ok and I have no problems in it, even I'm not a billionaire but I believe my family earns more then average emirati family.2) u shld be from GCC region -well, I'm not.3) there r some crazy brothers that go mad when their sisters get in relationship with non-local guys - I believe it happens but not every time.

There are also many online trade-in value calculators out there that can help you with the estimation.

To estimate the trade-in value of your current vehicle, gather the basic information (model, features, year, etc.) and compare it to similar vehicles priced in local newspapers and online.

The best person to reply this question is Nucs I guess.Local girls I know are educated and open minded but still wearing abayas and go out with local guys, with the supervision of their family of course.And as Chocs said, what is the obsession with going out with a local girl?If you already know a local girl and want to get closer with her then this question might make more I don't see a problem with abaya, but I kinda don't understand this "local girl marry local guy" thing. I think it's not about religion but may be more about tribalism that i think exists here, but that's outdated, you can't be educated and open-minded and in the same time support this tribal thing.,why do you want to get yourself sexually frustrated with those girls?This means your dating opportunities are doubled, because you can choose from hundreds of thousands of women from all over the world who live here, and also from the mocha-skinned Emirati women who are usually eager to date Western men.When it comes to dating in the UAE you have the choice of dating either local girls, or one of the many migrant workers or businesswomen who have made their home here.The wealth of the Emirates comes from having some of the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world, which has brought a lot of overseas revenue to the country.There are 9 million people living in the UAE, but Emiratis are actually the minority in their own country - 80% of the population is made up of foreign nationals who moved here to take advantage of the thousands of available jobs. I'd like to ask ppl here about possibility of having a relationship with local girls?After a few visits to Dubai at my vacations I found it as a very interesting place.


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