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Dating an extreme introvert

If he won’t talk to other women then chances are that he won’t sleep with them either.

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The real beauty is that introverts can learn to become more extroverted.Fatherhood teaches them that there are people in this world who are more important to them than themselves.An introverted father will love his daughter/son more than any other.Introverts spend more time in their heads because they find that most of the outside world ought to be observed instead of simply interacted with.However, when they do interact with the physical world, they tend to do so with more meaning.The introverted husband is likely to spend more time thinking about you than the extroverted husband. Men have thoughts pop into their heads sporadically throughout the day, much of which have to do with sex.While the introvert may just as well be undressing his secretary with his eyes, at least he’ll spend more time throughout the day thinking about how much he loves you.They act not for the sake of acting, but because they feel the need to act.When an introvert loves you, you become part of him and he will take care of you like he takes care of himself – if not better.Introverts tend to obsess more over their loved ones because they find it miraculous that they can connect to another individual on such a profound level. Not that he’s bored and figures that he may as well enter such a partnership.Which, let’s be honest, seems to be the case for most men.


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