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Dating british made stanley planes

Label Wording: Genuine Record Made In England Label Appearance: Blue background with gold border and gold letters.When This Appeared: This was the second trade label to appear on Record tools, appearing on tools from the mid-to-late 1950's to the early 1960's. Stanley in 1843, originally a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company located in New Britain, Connecticut.The Stanley Rule and Level Company was founded in 1857 by Henry Stanley in New Britain, Connecticut.

There are a number of key markers that help us to date a Record plane.

Plastic handles were fitted to bench planes from the very last year or possibly two of the 20th century.

The only Record bench planes being produced at this time were: Record 04, 05 and 07 planes.

This section talks you through some easy ways to identify the date.

This page is dedicated to discussing general ways of aging a group of planes.


  1. Find great deals on eBay for Antique Stanley Plane in Woodworking Planes. USA made. Very dusty but in very good condition. I do not see any repairs.

  2. Stanley/Record Plane Blades made by Veritas® from Lee Valley Tools. The British-made Stanley planes we carry have a lateral adjust lever and require a 5/8.

  3. Dating british made stanley planes. That’s why we’ve combined our traditional designs with new features - resulting in our best designs to Joshua.

  4. Stanley Hand Tools is a. Stanley is a well known brand of tools and has produced millions of hand planes. called the "Stanley knife" in British.

  5. Stanley-Bailey Type Study. dating from 1921-1922, just has "MADE IN U. S. A" below the heart. Planes made by Stanley 1962-1967.

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