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He has testified before Congress, appeared on national television programs including Dr.

Phil and executive-produced the award-winning documentary, The “Children Next Door.” The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a safe, discreet resource offering trained professionals 24/7 to help victims find help and get out of harmful or dangerous situations.

Cabinet cards, popular in the late 1800s, are easy to recognize because they are mounted on cardstock, often with an imprint of the photographer and location just below the photo.

There are similiar card-type photographs, such as the smaller which was introduced in the 1850s, but if your old photo is about 4x6 in size then chances are it is a cabinet card.

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In addition to national services such as Safe Horizon and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, hundreds of localized resources are available to those seeking help.

He suggested looking at ebay and junk shops for vernacular images at present as well as the CDV’S & CC’s I have additionally bought a few individual photographs but am unsure how to proceed at the moment , I have an few ideas but need to do some more thinking and research before I begin my preparations.

Patented by Frenchman André Adolphe-Eugène in 1854 CDV’s are small albumen prints mounted on card.

Free advocacy services can be received via telephone at 1-800-799-7233 or online chatting at their website,

Domestic abuse can take numerous forms, all with the overarching intention of gaining power and control over another person through the use of fear, intimidation and/or violence.


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