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Dating circumcised forums

Add into the mix that many of us eat foods that don't help us smell to great,especially amoung the genital area and you have a reciepe for stink!

I am uncut, and never had any problems at all during sex (except sometimes with condoms), and I never had a lady tell me to go wash or refuse to perform oral sex - a number of women I have been with have been sent off to the bathroom during oral sex though...

If you’ve never seen one, you might not know how to handle it, and you’re probably not alone there.

We realized that when we saw this post in our message boards. I have so many questions and no answers, please help. Sure, it looks a little different, but in a lot of cases it makes fooling around feel better to the guy, it’s not hard to clean… To answer lovelife1014, no, you don’t have to be super gentle with it.

It doesn't matter what someone prefers at the moment of truth, because you are wearing the only dick that you got.

Surveys and academics are welcome in my world..I need or want them.

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I read the guy's following line about guys who actually would consider getting an adult circumcision.Just like any other part of a person’s body, not all penises were made the same. and by that I mean that not all guys are circumcised.There are lots of guys out there who have a foreskin on their penis and are uncircumcised.Almost every guy whose uncircumcised penis I have been near has been stinky at some point.Sometimes so stinky that it made me break up with him. Anyone who doesn't pay attention to washing themselves properly or regularly is going to stink.But if you spread all of the shit that you can GOOGLE or download all over the bed, you are going to lose your scheduled appointment that the gods of the Nether Region have so kindly presented and prepared for you. Women hate slackers, especially ((those)) kind of slackers. Most women I've been with find it a turn on as the slowly pull it back (foreplay) & have fun.Don't over-analyze it, or try to damage it, or try to use it all up in one, two, or even three "serving". Women like dick when they want dick, so give 'em some dick, then get your Peacock strut on for the rest of the day, like you've done something! And if your dick's wearing a hat or not, don't sweat THAT! I've had some tell me that they have better bj skills because they not only sucked on my cock but paid attention to detail rather than suck me off. I've had girls say cut cocks also stink just as bad as uncut cocks,sometimes even worse.Xing Lida, a Chinese paleontologist found the specimen, the size of a dried apricot, at an amber market in northern Myanmar near the Chinese border. I'm not really in denial, I think I'm just skeptical. Researchers have found that being overweight or obese increases a persons risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) by up to 28 per cent compared to those with a healthy bodyweight, even if they have healthy blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. if one is to believe the Earth is warming, and that we are told is a bad thing, doesn't that imply scientists know what Earth's ...Have you ever been with a guy who was uncircumcised? She prides herself on acting like a complete retard.


  1. I read the guy's following line about guys who actually would consider getting an adult circumcision. the forums and read. prefer to be circumcised.

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