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Exercise raises someone’s BG levels, whereas others have to drink sugary drinks to avoid going low.

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However, it can be tricky to know when the right time is to tell that special someone about your condition.Also, by being open about it, your partner will feel more comfortable and be able to ask questions and learn about diabetes.Although you don't need to plan when you tell your significant other you have diabetes, it is useful to plan what you will say when that moment arrives.One might get angry or anxious when approaching a low BG, whereas some just go pale and shaky.It gets worse at the grocery store if one has a hypo standing in line with a chocolate bar in hand.I would think it is something like telling an angry woman “it’s just your hormones talking”. At high BG levels the most common symptoms are fatigue and frequent need for urination, but there are differences here too.For the first few years since my diagnosis, I would get relaxed, more talkative and kind of upbeat when experiencing high BG levels. Nowadays I just feel tired and sleepy, I guess my body got accustomed to the highs. At night, the blood glucose levels can drop pretty low before the symptoms wake a diabetic up.However, you might want to avoid suggesting a blood glucose measurement.Nothing feels as frustrating when someone invalidates a type 1 diabetic’s negative emotions by suggesting ”It’s only your diabetes doing its tricks”.Type 1 diabetes is an illness which is not easy to manage and it influences practically everything in life.When someone starts dating a person with type 1 diabetes, there might be some things that are good to know.


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  2. I recently went out on a date with a guy and he is very nice and respectful. We went bowling so the topic of me having diabetes did not come up. Do I tell h.

  3. A woman shares why she feels like she's in a relationship with her diabetes, and the struggles of dating with her condition.

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