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Dating diabetic man roaming profiles not updating

Basically, if I was a friend first, diabetes would not be the only reason not to date them. If I met someone online and her first IM or email was simply "I have diabetes," then I would not choose to get to know her better or date her.

We were dating each other, but taking the time to get to know each other before we progressed into a physical relationship.

It seems that almost everybody on here is married so I have no idea if I will get a response.But i wanted to know if the single people here volunteer their diabetes upfront or wait a while.

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It just turns out a month or so down the road they finally let it out , tell you then break up with you. It is amazing the number of things you read about like this.

I take very good care of it and no other guy has made this an issue in the past.

I thanked him for his honesty but said I would need some time to think about it.

I suspect that guys you'd get involved with just don't understand what it is and envision managing it to be a lot more involved than it is. My Mom has type II Diabetes and my Dad has always been there for her.(Even through the "Hi's and Low's") ;-)These days it seems that folks want everything to be perfect. One morning when my ex was leaving for work, he and I were happy and raising 3 beautiful girls.

That guy sounds so self-centered there may not be any room for you in the relationship anyway. An hour later I was left raising 3 beautiful girls and a middle-aged 3-year old son.


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