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Dating disasters jon lloyd

I get the best of both worlds, really, because I direct ads, which is the fun bit there, and I produce telly, with brilliant guys like Ian Lorimer on , to do the hard work of multiple-camera directing. The producer makes the map of the journey, but he doesn't build the boat or trim the sails.

I can't compose songs, make costumes, act, or focus-pull even the simplest moving shot.

Most people know what writers and directors do, but what about producers?

In TV and radio comedy the producer is the best job: you generate the ideas, work on the script, cast the actors – everything down to doing the coconut shell sound-effects. A director can blame a terrible script, but a producer has no excuse.

My main quality is that I'm extremely stubborn and don't like to admit that a good basic idea is wrong.

Most shows I've done – Do you feel you get enough credit?

When I got to London, because stand-up wasn't an option, we used to put on revues at places like the Bush Theatre, with seven of us in the cast and 14 in the audience, and lose all our money. I was trying to make a living as a writer, and starving, when David Hatch – who went on to great eminence as Managing Director of BBC Radio and Special Assistant to the Director General – called me into his office and asked me if I wanted to be a producer.There I was, at just 23, having never wanted to produce or direct anything before, and I found myself completely riveted by it – it was really exciting and difficult and satisfying. ” But you can imagine how cross the rest of the department was, because: a) it wasn't 'my' Just a Minute at all; and b) you never got reviews in radio, then as now.Then I went on to the main producer-training programme at the time, , a 15-minute topical show that went out late at night just before the news.The first thing that comes to me, even before the concept, is the flavour. ” All great programmes are about tapping into some universal human need or emotion. And then, if it turns out to be a poisonous fish, you need to make the best of it.I start by thinking, “What's not on telly that I'd like to see? , I wanted to see a show which: a) was 20 years 'younger' than The Two Ronnies (where people were still wearing cravats); and b) had a sense of going to your favourite rock concert, with girls and music and a terrific sense of excitement and joy. It's the difficulties that produce the wonderful, golden stuff.The only shows I count as 'mine' are the ones I was in at the beginning of.I like starting with a blank sheet and trying to create something where nothing was before. The trick is to be open, to see them floating by and seize them.But crews will do anything for a producer/director who's polite and who knows what they want.So you're the steersman, giving it a light touch here and there to keep it on course.There was a rotating cast, including Bill Wallace, David Jason – none of us could understand why he wasn't amazingly famous – and Nigel Rees, with whom I went on to start in '76.The cast were incredibly good at their jobs and used to putting up with producers who were wet behind the ears, and with a rag-bag of new writers doing one-liners.


  1. Aug 9, 2016. John P. Lloyd assumed the command as the 53rd district engineer from Col. Bernard R. In a traditional act that is rooted in military history dating back to the 18th century, Jackson passed the command flag from Lindstrom to Lloyd to symbolize the transfer of responsibility from one commander to another.

  2. Nov 7, 2017. Emails between Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd and his former colleagues at the Institute of Public Affairs, as revealed under freedom of information law and discussed at a recent Senate estimates hearing, raise important questions of public service ethics. Was Lloyd, as he maintains, just.

  3. John Lloyd. The writer-producer on Blackadder, QI, Spitting Image, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Not The Nine O'Clock News, The Meaning of Liff and Peter Cook's Life in Pieces. We got better at topical sketches, but there weren't that many of them and they were always going to be at least a few days out of date.

  4. Y Commission on Admin. of Justice. Exhibit `} pg I of _ Date __'. Four months prior to Jenny's murder Jonathan Lloyd was arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine together with his. I looked up some statistics on Nevada on a web site called the Disaster Center which had rankings by State from 2005. Nevada was.

  5. Jun 26, 2013. John Lloyd, the brains behind some of Britain's most successful comedy shows of the past 40 years, is planning to use his QI production company to challenge broadcasters online because of his despair at the "moribund" state of television commissioning.

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