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They love to show off the fact that they have learned one or more languages." Dutch humor has changed over the centuries.

In the 16th century, the Dutch were renowned for their humor throughout Europe, and many travel journals have notes on the happy and celebratory nature of the Dutch.

But Kok told The Post’s Alisa Wolfson the other night at the Soho Grand that he has a steady girlfriend in Holland, and that he and Courtney are just friends.

As if proving the point, Love was in the room and didn’t seem to notice Kok.

Dutch supermodel Sander Kok might be a fan of Courtney Love, but he doesn’t want the world to think he’s dating her.

If that’s what you think, great, date a Bulgarian guy and let’s stop wasting each other’s time. Now, this sounds maybe strange coming from a man, and it’s more a personal thing (imho) but I want to put it here anyway.

Bulgarian ladies in general, look gorgeous and I really appreciate all the effort you do to make a stunning impression every time again!

So, for the physical aspect, there is nothing to stop me from engaging in intimacy right away. 😉 Our gentlemanliness shows itself in allowing you to say what you think and see you as the person you are and not only a nice body to use for pleasure.

A main theme was the reproof of immoral ethics: the 'Vicar's wagging finger'.

However, at the end of the 17th century, the Dutch Republic was in decline, and the Dutch Reformed Church denounced laughter and advocated sober lifestyles.


  1. Jul 17, 2014. If he paid for the first date, you may offer to treat the next time. Some couples prefer to go Dutch because it makes the division easier. But splitting the costs 50-50 lacks elements of love, care and reciprocity. In another study by Alksnis, Desmarais & Wood in 1996, both men and women agreed that a bad.

  2. Sep 19, 2010. Dutch supermodel Sander Kok might be a fan of Courtney Love, but he doesn't want the world to think he's dating her. The photogenic hunk and the.

  3. This phenomenon is humorously discussed in White and Boucke's The UnDutchables "If you take a course in the Dutch language and finally progress enough to dare to utter some sentences in public, the persons you speak to will inevitably answer you in what they detect to be your native tongue. They love to show off the.

  4. Apr 12, 2017. Dear readers. This piece is a Dutch reply on the the well-written guide by Antonia Chukova. Thanks first of all for your valuable insights! So let's talk about those Vikings that seem to have invaded Bulgaria with their strange culture, clear blue eyes and above all, tall posture. We are exotics here, therefore.

  5. Ungainly, messy and unsociable.” These are a just a few of the 'qualities' of Dutch women, according to some foreigners. Luckily they are also described as intelligent, not out for money and – last but not least – attractive. Journalist Santje Kramer asked 24 foreigners who live in the Netherlands for their views on Dutch.

  6. May 16, 2016. Dutch people are the tallest people in the world. why? because of natural selection, they marry tall people, in fact dutch population has grown 20cm in the last 150 years compared to only 6cm for. This love/hate situation gets worse during soccer games both countries are known to be the best in soccer.

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