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Dating for firefighters

We also use this as a way to escape your requests sometimes.4)Guys will have a different personality at the fire station, just understand it has nothing to do with you.

It’s all about his social standing within his crew.

This happens because the chronically lazy firefighter does this in real life.

When he discovers upon arriving at work that we are going to be stripping and waxing the apparatus floor for the day, will slip out call his wife or girlfriend and ask them to stop by the station.

Lunch time is when we get lunch, it isn’t noon, same thing with dinner, we eat when we can, not by the clock.

If you want the work schedule of a businessman, date a businessman not a fireman.

This brings up another good point, we work off a set calendar, most firefighters can tell you if given a few minutes if they will be working on Christmas day three years from now.

Okay we work holidays, weekends, anniversaries, birthdays, and overtime.

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Firefighting is a tough game and showing weakness around anyone over the age of six places doubt in the minds of others. You have no idea of what his crew is doing that day and if you show up when some particularly mundane work assignment is going on like mowing the lawn, or stripping and waxing floors is happening, your guy will be allowed to visit with you but he will pay a price.These are almost all alpha males, once again it’s why you want one in the first place.So chasing will have the opposite effect, he’ll start dodging you. Most of us are acquainted with females that want a pet firefighter and we aren’t opposed to that fact for the most part.Also, and I have seen this one firsthand, your hero might be serial dating.It’s really uncomfortable for the crew to watch I guy introduce his girlfriends to each other.5)Don’t chase, period.Then when you show up he uses that as an excuse to stop working.No matter how tempting it feels to just pop by the station and say hi, don’t do it.If you in anyway detract from his maleness, his feeling of being a man among men, you will suffer.So if you sense he is a little standoffish when you come to visit, just be cool with it, don’t call attention to it.There is another phenomenon with firefighters called trades.A trade, at least for us is a really cool work privilege.


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