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Dating forum questions

He davens three times a day, learns with a chavrusa, and is a real Torah scholar. I like him a lot and I know that he is considering having a life with me.

Any information you give us in the Dating Questions forum including your email address is for internal use only and will not be published.I promise you that each time this happened, there was no emergency.But when they need something, it’s like I don’t even exist. On dates he is generous; he takes me to nice places and treats me like a lady.A woman in a similar situation as yours once described her relationship with the man she was dating: “He goes running when his married kids call like a parent when his infant cries.” And as bizarre as it sounds, the grown children in these situations, who may have families of their own, feed into their father’s driven need to be there for them the moment they call him.Whether it is his time or money, the children make sure that they are the first to collect their loot.I worked hard and married them off to wonderful husbands and wives.The man I am dating had a very bad relationship with his children while they were growing up.I’m a middle-aged woman dating a man close to my age.We are different in certain ways, but get along otherwise.But this should not be tolerated if it becomes a habit. In almost every situation like this, it rarely changes or gets better.Even if you talk to him about it, and he promises you that you really are first in his life or that he will work on it, the fact remains that your potential marriage is now being previewed to you on a large, easy-to-watch, full-color screen.


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