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EB bridges have such a short span between the tailpiece and the saddle that this part of the string might rest on the saddle no matter what.The only way out would be using Rotosound Piano String Design bass strings where only the core contacts the saddle and the user must set the length of the core between the ball end and saddle for your particular bass.Jules responded to my post at another forum, and I followed the link to here -- which is a placed I've lurked but never posted.This seemed to be a good place to make a first post (even if it is cross-posted..that's OK).Sometimes when you wind the wrapped part of the string around the tuner post the wind will fracture and ruin the string.(Particularly on the E string) A lot of times one will get away with it, but I've lost the gamble a few times over the years. They only come in long scale but I haven't had any problems with separations of the windings.Me, I use labella flats and wallow in the mud......that brings me to side question (probably covered before somewhere). - '82 Gibson Victory Standard - '72 & '78 Fender Music Master Basses - '50s / '60s Egmond Princess 2 - Fender BG-32 - ...

Actually, this would likely be the same length on a long or short scale set.If you really want a brighter tone, you could consider getting a Dimarzio model 1 pickup, which (I think) should fit exactly with no permanant modification, except a bit of soldering.Mind you, that bass looks to be in such nice condition, maybe any messing would be a bad idea.You won't hear any "bite" if this is a single pickup model, (can't tell from the pics if it's an EB-2 or an EB-2D) a mudbucker isn't capable of producing any real highs, but roundwounds will give you some clarity.If its an EB-2D, you will notice a big difference with roundwounds. Rounds will give you something different from flats, true, but most EB2 players get the EB2 because they crave that dubby EB sound.Y'all seem to have more Gibson-centric folks over here......I just picked this up locally - a 1967 EB-2 in nice shape...nut is replaced (not pretty but working) but the rest looks original. It's got flats on it now, but I'm thinking of switching to rounds.I don't think i've ever broken a bass string - but I play with my fingers.If you want to thrash it with a pick, perhaps you should stick to shortscale strings The black nylons are good too - a nice tone with hollow body basses for sure, although probably not what the OP is looking for One last thing about brightening tone - and forgive me if I am stating the obvious - play with a pick, with your hand close to the bridge.The frets have some wear; it has a very light buzz around the upper frets (especially above the 12th).It looks as though the frets are the original ones.


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