Dating hooters girl

They don't give an EFF about their girls or the store managers.Girls are also kind of rude when you first start, but hang in there, they get nice if you're good at your job.Ryan, who posted screenshots of the conversation on Facebook, even shared a photo showing the trio on their date at a Japanese restaurant as discussed.He wrote, "This may be the funniest thing that ever happened in my life!!

Cons Getting scheduled on wrong days, moving up to being a Hooters girl can take a long time if there aren’t enough hosts, slow nights can get very boring bring something to keep you occupied also includes a very low tip out, employees there easily come and go Pros Working at Hooters you make very close friends. You also meet clients that are fantastic and stay lifelong friends.

They're renowned for their iconic skimpy uniforms and flirtatious manner. Waitresses have lifted the lid on their jobs in an anonymous Reddit thread and some of them are VERY eye-opening.

One user asked what the makeup policy was at the restaurant chain.

"Wesley then privately messaged Ryan to apologise and said that he genuinely did not know that Alex was already taken.

That was when things took a most unusual turn as the two guys started arranging a date for real.


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