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But in Redwood, like rural outposts all over the US, I knew about people's love lives before we'd even been introduced.People in the barroom knew everything about their neighbors (and neighbors' neighbors). People came into the bar a day after I'd been out with someone, and asked how the date was.The first couple of times any of the aforementioned things happened, I was stunned.Now, going out with guys in other, busier parts of the world where chivalry is lacking, is strange.Without anonymity, you know the reputation, dating history, and most likely the sexual health of all your prospects. In some ways, that helps narrow the field to people you know are reasonably good matches while weeding out those you'd want to escape from five minutes into a date.In the almost-decade I've lived in the middle of nowhere, I've been hit on. Hundreds of times more than I'd ever been hit on in the city.

Your date is going to pick you up, or you're going to pick them up -- at what is probably their whole entire house, not apartment. Early on in my bartending stint, I met a woman who was carrying on an affair while her husband was on his final deployment overseas.

Once upon a time, when I first moved here after years of living as an anonymous New Yorker, being perceived as this interesting felt flattering.

Here, people still go out for dinner on their dates.

You change your location settings -- 30, 40, 50 miles away -- and still, you recognize these people.

The only strangers you'll see are military (Fort Drum is a stone's throw away) or Canadian (the border's 15 minutes from here).


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  4. American men aren't exactly known for their romantic abilities. In a time of Tinder-ing and sexual liberation, American women are more comfortable splitting things down the middle and holding an equal partnership in relationships – but that doesn't mean they want all of the chivalry to actually be dead. Enter the European.

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