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There are more new characters and as far as the new many plot-lines are concerned..let me just say that after a while I just gave up trying to understand the movie and just let the movie take me away with its visuals, humor and other entertaining elements.

And this movie regardless should really be able to take you away on a roller-coaster-ride of pure entertainment.

It seems like they tried to overdo things this time and I'm mainly talking about the end battle, when it comes down to its special effects, by putting in some complex shots.

No matter how good CGI is these days, you still see that it's CGI. Marty, Tia Dalma and even Jack the monkey and Cotton's parrot.

But like I said before, after a while you just stop caring about it and simply enjoy the movie for what it brings you.

It all is also the reason why the movie is now nearly 3 hours long.

The action sequences are definitely well constructed and at times pure eye candy.

So are the special effects, although I feel that the second movie was still better on that.

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You can't just ever grow tired of Jack Sparrow.

Most of the plot-lines seem redundant and are actually far from believable because they contradict from what happened in the first two movies.

The many betrayals among characters and side-picking became really confusing after a while, till it reached a point when you just didn't knew who was fighting for what.

I was actually surprised to see how much of the movie Keira Knightley carries this time and how well she does this. She also gets to do more interesting in the movie when it comes done to action.

In a way she has taken over the Will (Orlando Bloom) role in this movie this time and Will himself gets pushed more to the background this time compared to the first two movies, which really shouldn't bother most people, unless you're a teenage-girl of course.


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