Dating in the dark full episode

His girlfriend Marybeth gains power to see beings from another dimension who live among humans with a pair of "Super Specs" Weeds bought from Sardo's store.Soon everywhere she looks she sees strange figures covered in black...The man wonders why Josh doesn't believe in Zeebo, saying Zeebo is waiting for whoever goes into the funhouse.Weegee and Kathy are too scared to go inside and keep their distance, believing it is haunted by the ghost of Zeebo, based on what other kids have seen and heard inside.Andy, after moving with his mother and his sister Christina to a new house, starts to discover some weird things in the basement that only seem to appear whenever music is played.It seems that years ago his uncle made a pact with a creature inside the cellar.On Halloween night, they trick-or-treat at her house only to find that she has a special treat for them.They receive a magical twisted claw that can grant them three wishes apiece.

Soon Jake notices some unusual changes, as if he's really changing into a leprechaun.

But Josh doesn't believe it to be true, scoffing at the possibility of a ghost clown haunting the funhouse.

The strange man asks Josh if he's going to go through and Josh says that he might another time, to which the man says he'll be there, he's always there.

Beth isn't exactly friendly to Amanda and she's told that she can only hang out with Beth and her friends if she spends a night alone in the house next door, which is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a young deaf girl.

Guest Star: Laura Bertram as Amanda On mischief night, Dougie and his friend Kevin decide to play a trick on Miss Clove, an old woman who lives in a creepy house.


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