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Live action and animated comedy, with Brendan Fraser, Steve Martin, Timothy Dalton and Jenna Elfman (subtitles) A woman is left running the family farm alone while her husband is fighting in the Second World War.

The wart-faced magical nanny is on hand to help her cope with her unruly children, their even more mischievous evacuated cousins, and her scheming brother-in-law, who wants the farm for himself.

At the cliffs around Chepstow, he finds out how keen bird-watchers are helping to protect the nests of rare peregrine falcons, and in the north of the valley, Hugh assists in reintroducing tiny harvest mice to a wildlife-friendly farm (subtitles) Ed Chamberlin and Francesca Cumani present from Lingfield Park, including races at 2.30, 3.05 and 3.35, plus a round-up of the latest news and previews ahead of the Cheltenham Festival, which starts in 10 days.

With analysis from Luke Harvey and Mick Fitzgerald, reports by Oli Bell and Matt Chapman, and commentary by Mark Johnson (subtitles) Game show, hosted by Ben Shephard, in which contestants answer questions to win turns on an arcade-style machine.

Return of the strand exploring extraordinary hostelries.

Giles Coren and Monica Galetti explore one of the world's most luxurious eco resorts on the small island of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia.

Dropping tokens down a choice of four chutes, they hope to knock piles of them off a moving shelf - and the more they collect, the greater the prize fund.

The player who has won the least amount is then eliminated, and the last one standing competes for a £10,000 jackpot (subtitles) (repeat)Four contestants in Swansea battle it out to throw the best dinner party and walk away with a £1,000 cash prize.

Nicki offers her thoughts on relocating to the area and learns about the region's passion for cider (subtitles) (repeat)Chris Packham hosts the show where dog owners and their pets compete in physical and mental challenges designed to test their ability to communicate, with trainers and canine scientists on hand to help them develop the relationship between human and animal.

Surrounded by a coral reef and an abundance of marine life, they work alongside staff of the exclusive Brando Resort to serve five-star luxury to guests paying up to £11,000 per a night (subtitles) (repeat)Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall visits the Wye Valley, hoping to encounter the barbel, which has fascinated him since his childhood.

With the help of a local angling guide, he sets out to locate the `prince of the river'.

In Liverpool, locals threaten a riot over an unpaid debt at a computer shop, while two agents come across an extremely rare car in the course of their duties (subtitles) (repeat)Officers Gary and Cona chase up nearly £50,000 in unpaid rent in south-east London, but the debtor initially refuses to open the door.

Meanwhile, Del and Max bid to collect more than £10,000 from a beauty salon for a disgruntled former employee in west London, and in Kent, Gary and Cona deal with a hostile situation when a couple refuse to pay the £2,000 they owe in unpaid rent arrears (subtitles) (repeat)Daffy Duck tires of playing second fiddle to Bugs Bunny, so sets off to seek his fortune.


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