Dating in the fifties

Along with the rise of the boy bands came the rise of (drumroll please) the internet, which of course had a huge effect on how a guy would ask a girl out. Teens who wanted to get online and chat the night away on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) had to connect through a landline.Unless you were lucky enough to have two landlines in your house, that meant you’d have to wait until the line was free, and that mom and dad could kick either member of the flirting party off whenever they had “important calls to make” (as if your teenaged love life wasn’t important! What’s more, internet connection was as slow and as unreliable as could be, so it was highly likely a session would be interrupted just as the guy was getting up enough courage to finally make the ask.There are lots of great dating sites for over 50s, and more ways than ever to meet new people, so now might be a better time than ever before to get yourself out there…So we spoke to dating expert and matchmaker at dating agency Mutual Attraction Caroline Brearley, and dating over 50s expert Lisa Copeland (, to get their expert opinion on just how to date when you’re over 50…Other than the occasional Gordan Gekko mammoth cell phone, landlines were still the primary mode of communication with all of the parental pitfalls we’ve encountered so far.However, asking a girl out in the mall was also a distinct possibility.Sheryl Crow and Sandra Bullock are just two of the fabulous, single women in their 50s.And if they can put themselves out there at 50, why can’t we?

While this is still more of the norm today, breaking it isn’t nearly as taboo as it would have been then.

Outside of this movement, however, men were still more likely to be the askers.

That said, many of the 1950s dating rituals were gone by now.

Communication in general has become entirely casual in both good and bad ways.

It’s easier than ever to send a text and ask someone out without the fear of an in-person or on the phone rejection, but it’s also far easier to end that relationship over Twitter.


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  2. Jul 25, 2014. There was a time not so long ago when asking a girl on a date really meant asking her parents if you could ask that girl on a date. These days, a girl might receive anything from a one-line text message proper spelling optional to a YouTube serenade, but her parents tend to stay out of that initial ask.

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