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It may not be top of mind, but this small country in the Persian Gulf managed to leapfrog its way from 19th place in 2016 to the top spot this year, due mostly to the ease of settling in and high career satisfaction, as reported by its expat citizens.

For the survey, conducted by networking site Inter Nations, 13,000 expats representing 166 nationalities, living in 188 countries or territories, were asked to rate 43 different aspects of life in their host country, which were then pooled into six categories: quality of life; ease of settling in; working abroad; family life; personal finance; and the cost of living index.

The most common complaint given by 62 percent of respondents was the difficulty of learning German, compared to the global average of 45 percent of expats.

About one in five (21 percent) said it was difficult to live in Germany without knowing the language, compared to 19 percent globally.

Germany was also rated in the top ten for its amount of leisure activities for kids at eighth place worldwide.

“I feel very safe and secure here and I feel that by living in Germany, I am giving our son the best opportunities in life,” one respondent told Inter Nations.

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Only sample sizes of at least 50 respondents per country were used in the final report.

A top place for families Click on the above image to enlarge.

More than half (52 percent) of parents were satisfied with their children’s health in Germany and 45 percent rated safety for kids very high.

If making new friends is a high priority in your second life, Costa Rica is the place for you, as it ranks first in the “Finding friends” subcategory.

The sun-soaked country also ranked highly in indices for quality of life, ease of settling and family life. Spain At the bottom of the list are Greece, Kuwait and Nigeria.


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