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“The things she learns in one realm help her in the other.” Although Kaufman had considered other performers, by the time he met Fonda, in New York, in October, 2008, he told me, he knew that he wanted her for the part.

“There are actresses who do emotional wonders, and there are actresses who can do very intelligent roles but are very dry,” he said. Before their meeting, Kaufman watched a video clip in which Barbara Walters talked about how Fonda got annoyed when people weren’t punctual.

“And she shakes my hand and says, ‘I knew you were going to be on time.

Reading your play, I know you’re that kind of person. Any woman who measures time by the number of Martinis consumed is somebody I must work with.’ ”Once “33 Variations” closed, after eighty-five performances (Fonda was nominated for a Best Actress Tony), the actress travelled to Los Angeles for knee-replacement surgery.

She shook her head and pounded her fist on her chest.

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’ ”In her best work, Fonda has portrayed women who suffer a kind of spiritual orphanhood, emotionally abandoned by families that were never quite families.Standing motionless in a white spotlight that emphasized her dark hair and gardenia-white skin, she conveyed her character’s drama largely through her voice.Her urgent, seductive, imploring tone was recognizable from her innumerable speeches and interviews and forty-odd film performances, which, over the course of half a century or so, set the template for countless actors, writers, and directors interested in depicting the ever-evolving life of the modern American woman.You’ve done your research.’ ” Kaufman went on, “She ordered a Martini. Later, she says, ‘You know, two Martinis ago, you said . While recuperating, she stayed at the house of a friend, the producer Paula Weinstein. A.) was then based in Atlanta—in a loft whose entranceway was designed to resemble a vulva.(When Bill Maher talked to Fonda about this on his television program in 2005, he asked her if there was a back way into her home.Hopefully, that won’t be the case in our son’s marriage! Fonda had just played Viola Fields, the domineering title character in Robert Luketic’s movie “Monster-in-Law.” Pulling a sheaf of papers from her purse, Fonda looked concerned, tense. She began by apologizing: “Unlike Tom, who can speak extemporaneously, I have to write everything down.” For Troy, she continued, Hayden had been “the parent.” “I was usually off making a movie somewhere.Tom was the one who had dinner with Troy every single night.” Then, referring to her notes, she talked about how Native Americans had once lived where we were now and how her ancestors had sailed from Holland to New York. This time Fonda was appearing not as a version of herself but as Dr.“I felt alone, surrounded by lights” is how she describes her early days of acting, but it could as easily apply to her childhood. he did everything he could think of to help me put on weight”—including feeding his son beer for lunch when he was seven. In her best-selling 2005 memoir, “My Life So Far,” she writes, “Once I hit adolescence, the only time my father ever referred to how I looked was when he thought I was too fat [or] wanted me to wear a different, less revealing bathing suit, a looser belt, or a longer dress.” Henry also controlled his children by withholding attention and approval.Even her birth name sounds like that of a solitary princess in some dark fairy tale. When the thirteen-year-old Fonda fractured five vertebrae in a swimming accident, she didn’t tell her father about it for nearly a week, and then he had her stepmother deal with it. The groom was Fonda’s son, the actor Troy Garity, who had married the actress Simone Bent earlier that day. She took a sip of her vodka-and-orange-juice and looked around at the crowd, which included her eldest child, the documentary filmmaker Vanessa Vadim, and her youngest, Mary Luana Williams, a park ranger, the child of Black Panthers, whom Fonda had unofficially adopted in the seventies. Jane Fonda—the actress, philanthropist, feminist, political activist, model, Christian, blogger, fitness advocate, licensing magnate, and memoirist—impeccable and straight-backed in a light-colored chiffon dress, was attending an outdoor wedding reception in Brooklyn.


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