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Dating lionel trains

Does anyone know of the 1513s set still being produced in 1955 with the tabbed couplers?

I paid for all of it and I plan on keeping it together as a "set", I know it is not worth very much even if I did have the boxes.....

All the info I have found on line states this set was produced in 1954 and only left over sets were available in 1955, - the cars I found all have tabs on the couplers and silver rivits, which were not used until 1955.

The only difference was the need to produce depleted 1954 inventory with updated parts from 1955, hence TAB Couplers on some of the cars.

I have the "Standard Catalog of Train Sets by David Doyle" and am noticing that the Rarity and price is different from '54 to '55.

The 1954 set is rated as Rarity 1, with value of 5 in excellent condx., whereas the 1955 set is rated as Rarity 4,with value of 0 in excellent condition.

Another note on the 1954 write up, mentions the 6015 Tank car: some of the earliest productions of the 6015 were "PAINTED" yellow on grey shells, which is the really hard to find and rare tanker.


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