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Dating love azgd hebrew

Zeeva teaches music at the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue and other temples.(Oh, and she liked acrobatics so much that she now teaches it, too.) Blake Yospa, 28, and Rachel Leeds, 25 Blake and Rachel both spent the better part of a year working as teaching assistants at a school in Rishon Le Zion.

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Everyone was given a card with a fun fact about someone in the group; the goal was to find the person it applied to.

The ambulance workers didn’t put the IV needle in Alissa’s arm correctly — it hurt, so Alissa started talking to the workers to distract herself. “It definitely cemented our relationship,” Alissa said.

Now they live together in Manhattan, where Alissa is the membership assistant at Temple Israel and occasionally leads services at the Bay Ridge Jewish Center.

Alissa Platcow and Zeeva Berman, both 24 Alissa and Zeeva met at the airport in 2013 on the way to the same Masa program, Jerusalem Sounds, which offered music and other classes at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

But they quickly realized that they must have crossed paths multiple times, having grown up about 10 minutes apart from each other in the Boston area and attending the same small Hebrew school for years.


  1. Feb 14, 2018. “I was so stubborn that I could not accept that Phoenix, as one of the biggest cities in the country, had no single Jews to date,” Gale explained. Her group aims at the 40 and up crowd, but she said dating is pretty much the same whether you're 21 or 72. Through Project Jewish Love, Gale has hosted a range.

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