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The Almagest was and is the authoritative source of the shapes and depictions of the original 48 constellations, including those in Stellarium.So I checked out the copy of the Almagest from the Answers in Genesis library.Ptolemy catalogued 27 stars in Leo, with detailed descriptions of which part of the lion each star corresponded to.Of these 27 stars, two were of the first magnitude, two of the second magnitude, six were of the third magnitude, eight were of the fourth magnitude, five were of the fifth magnitude, and four were of the sixth magnitude.But somehow in the minds of some people, Stellarium’s preference for nine stars outlining Leo has become the standard, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Therefore, Jupiter represents a king, and Christians recognize Jesus as the King of Kings (Revelation ).Ptolemy also catalogued an additional eight stars that were near Leo but not part of the constellation itself (one star was fourth magnitude, four were fifth magnitude, and three were too faint to assign a magnitude).If one creates a depiction of Leo with stars third magnitude and brighter according to Ptolemy, then Leo has ten stars.People reason that, being near the womb of Virgo, this king is soon to be born.Some argue that the length of time Jupiter is spending in Virgo or in Virgo’s womb this year is equal to the human gestation period, which supposedly further enforces the supposed fulfillment of prophecy.The claim is that Leo has nine stars, but that the addition of three naked-eye planets this year, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, brings the total to twelve stars, thus conforming to the crown with 12 stars on the woman’s head.Leo is a considerable distance from Virgo (about 15 degrees).Since then, I consulted a planisphere that I’ve had for nearly 50 years and used to learn the constellations.It connects 10 stars to outline Leo, including the nine stars that Stellarium connects, plus Omicron Leonis that marks Leo’s front paws.The constellation Virgo represents a virgin (a woman), though I’ve never been able to pick out the outline of a woman in the stars of Virgo (unlike some constellations, such as Orion or Leo, where I can pick out the outline of what they are supposed to represent).During September and October each year, the sun appears in the constellation Virgo for about a month.


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