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Dating psychology student can hanging out lead to dating

Not everyone who studies psychology is going to become a psychologist, and, in fact, a lot of us have no idea what we want to do – no need to put the pressure on!

“What a surprise”You have to imagine this phrase dripping in sarcasm.

I’m not a trained counselor, I can offer you no professional help or guidance to fix every little thing wrong with you’re life.

I’m sorry, really I am.“Friends and family discount for therapy then?

It makes total sense that it seems like everybody does psychology!”I managed to fake a laugh the first two or three times I heard this, but it is beyond a joke now (although the majority of my friends and family do most definitely need therapy).“That’s so girly”The subject is female-dominated at the moment, yes, but more men are taking the course than ever before.The majority of lecturers are male, and the content is definitely not "feminine".“So it’s a science then?Some vague and probably inaccurate reference they want to make to Freud..."You love your mother?See, really that just means you want to kill your dad." Freud had some of the most extreme theories in the history of research, and they are largely unrepresentative of what we actually study! ”Psychology is renowned for being interdisciplinary and leading to very open career opportunities.Prior studies found that men’s and women’s dating expectations include many similar activities.Here, two studies are reported focusing on activities included in scripts for a “typical date” using first a more qualitative method and then a more quantitative method.You once used operant conditioning to train your roommate to stop leaving his dirty laundry on the floor in your apartment.You are pretty sure that your academic advisor has an oral fixation – he’s always chewing on something, be it a pen, his fingernails, or a stick of gum.Do you ever think that psychology majors might be just a little different than other students?Are there certain characteristics that set you apart?


  1. Nov 13, 2014. That inevitable response when you get when you utter those fateful words “I'm a psychology student”. Anyone studying psychology will be all too aware that the repetitive and mostly inaccurate replies you get can be enough to cause a psychotic breakdown themselves.

  2. Having never done it, I can't tell you what it is like to be the person dating a psychologist. However, as someone who studied both sociology and psychology, I can sort of tell you what it's like to date me. * She'll probably almost always be a.

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  4. They're crazy. Seriously. I've had many people mostly my students ask me whether it's true that going into psychology will eventually make you crazy yoursel.

  5. Apr 16, 2015. It has come to my attention that a lot of people think that dating Psychology majors are probably the worst thing you can do to your life. Well I beg to disagree. Here are 10 reasons why Psych majors are worth your time and effort. 1. They are really good listeners.

  6. Jun 16, 2009. We will always want to analyse you. Dating a psychology student.

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